Modern PR & Communication Services.

Manage My PR offers accessible communication services aimed to promote your visibility, favourable public image and lasting audience relationships. We offer publication and event promotion, media coaching, consultation, and versatile PR services for different sized operators in and out of the music and entertainment industry.

Media and PR services.

Choose the promo package that meets your needs.

01. Artist bio

Artist biography in Finnish and English.
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  • Professional and up-to-date artist bio is a fundamental part of all music promotion.
  • Purchase separately or together with other promotion services.
  • The fee will be charged with a 14 days payment term.
175€ + VAT


Our team of music and media professionals creates and distributes a press release to carefully chosen group of Finland’s key medias and influencers from our personal networks.
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  • All interview requests are forwarded to the client.
  • Publication press releases require a short, up to date artist bio. If necessary, we can create the artist bio at an additional fee of 150 € + VAT.
  • If the original publishing schedule is prolonged for five weeks or more from the first press release draft, we will charge 130€ + VAT for updating the press release.
  • The press release is publication specific. If the publication changes, new promo package should be purchased.
290€ + VAT


In addition to the press release, we will pitch your publication, product or service to five specifically chosen key medias or influencers.
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  • If the original publishing schedule is prolonged for five weeks or more from the first contacts with the media and influencers, we will charge 200€ + VAT for the following pitchings.
  • 70% of the price will be charged within 14 days before the pitching and 30% before sending the press release.
  • In addition to the pitching, we will manage possible interview requests from the contacted media.
  • Requests from other media will be forwarded to the client.
540€ + VAT / single

04. Promotion Strategy

Our most comprehensive promo package includes a carefully constructed promotion strategy from planning to execution. Together with our team we will design a promotion strategy according to your goals.
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  • We will create a strategy and action plan (incl. social media), contact key medias, manage press releases, interviews and promotion 1 month after the publication.
  • If the original publishing schedule or publication changes essentially after the strategy meeting, but before contacting key media, we will charge extra 30% of the price for a new strategy. If the publishing schedule prolongs after contacting the key media, we will charge extra 50% of the price for the following pitchings and updating the strategy.
  • 40% of the price will be charged before the strategy meeting, 30% before contacting key media and 30% before the publishing.
990€ + VAT / single
1990 + VAT / album

Radio & Spotify.

Choose the promo package that meets your needs.

01. Radio Pitching

Pitching the song to a total of six radios in Finland.
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  • The fee will be charged before pitching with a 14 days payment term.
540€ + VAT

02. spotify Song Pitching

Pitching the unreleased song to editorial playlists via Spotify for Artists and a total of five listener-curated playlists.
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  • The fee will be charged before pitching with a 14 days payment term.
460€ + VAT OR
290€ + VAT
combined with another promopackage

03. Spotify Growth Strategy

Identifying the artist’s opportunities for growth in Spotify and creating a personalized growth strategy.
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  • Includes a meeting (1 h)
  • Content creation not included
  • The fee will be charged with a 14 days payment term.
460€ + VAT

Social media.

01. Social Media Strategy

2-week content plan focused on two social media platforms (e.g. Instagram & TikTok).
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  • Content creation and paid advertising not included
540€ + VAT

Media Coaching.

Media Coaching is aimed for artists, influencers and other public figures who need guidance in different interactions with the media. The Coaching (1h) includes individually tailored tools for navigating with the media. Media Coaching is great for, for example, performers in the beginning of their career.
500,00€ + alv
Manage My PR operates under Manage Me, which is known for creating many unprecedented success stories in the Finnish music and media industry. Manage My PR enables that your story gets heard.
Our services are based on a strong experience of media relations, promotion and communication in and out of music industry. Part of the Manage My PR team is the well-known manager and founder of Manage Me, Carla Ahonius, who has influenced in the music and media industry for over 20 years. During her career, Ahonius has managed promotion for Finland’s top artists, such as Cheek, Jenni Vartiainen, Antti Tuisku and Kaija Koo. She is also known for her brand and marketing consultations for businesses.

Tina Jukarainen, the COO of Manage Me, has been building the careers of many young artists and manages Finland’s most interesting performers, including Tuure Boelius and Ilta. She has also done promotion for BMG’s international artists in Finland in 2018.

Manage My PR is operated by Promotion Manager Katariina Kakko and PR Assistant Veera Merenheimo, both former interns at Manage Me. Together we aim for uniting your story and message with your key audiences.
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