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We have a ton of industry specific knowledge and knowhow especially in the fields of music, entertainment, media and marketing. We are excited about any and every chance to use our knowledge to benefit others. Therefore, we offer domestic and international media companies, brands and any likeminded communities guidance and consulting for their next big project. Give us a call and we’ll see what we can do for you!

Speakers’ Hub

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Spekers’ Hub’s mission is to bring the most influential speakers and coaches more accessible to the regular consumers. We represent some of the most interesting hosts, actors, speakers and educators who are open to share their years of experience and knowledge to the public.

Contact us and let’s create memorable moments together.


Nea Ritala

Tel. +358 443001331


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We represent the most promising upcoming artists as well as the biggest superstars in Finland. All of our management operations aim towards a single goal: providing the best possible environment for talents to realize their dreams.

Each of our client relationship is unique, but they are all built on trust and a common vision for the future. We oversee the intrests of our clients at all phases of their careers and provide our artists complete freedom to focus on creative work.